Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering…

What makes Build My Condo Website different from other companies?

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, right in your backyard. We understand the advantages and needs of living in the Sunshine State. When you work with us, you get a whole team of professionals dedicated to service you. Our local base guarantees we´ll be with you in every step of the way. Call us, email us and/or schedule a meeting with us at our office in beautiful downtown Fort Lauderdale!

Does the size of my association matters?

No, it does not. We work with condominium association of all sizes.

Is there a contract to my membership? How long?

Yes, our membership plans require at least 1-year-term agreement.

How many people would I be working with if I hire you?

Our process ensures a smooth interaction where you only have to sign up, upload your content, and we´ll take care of the rest. However, we are always available for our clients in every step.

Do you put advertising in our site?

We do not openly advertise anything in your website. You will see a tiny link to our page in the bottom footer of your site.

Do we have to sign a contact?

The whole process happens online. Accept our terms and conditions, no paper, no hassle. Signing up for one of our memberships plans is extremely easy.

Do I need to have any programmer's knowledge to set up or manage my website?

No, you do not. All our membership plans come with a set of short video tutorials to show you the ropes on how to manage your website, also each membership plan includes phone/email support ours.

Do I have to update the website or you do it for me?

Site updates can be dome either by the client or by us, if requested, and for an hourly fee. In case you decide to do it yourself, no worries, rest assure we´ll provide you with the guidance and easy-to-watch video tutorials to learn how to manage your site, as well as enough people/email support according to the membership plan you selected

How long will I take for our website to go live?

That depends on you. Once you have selected your plan and uploaded/sent your content, your website can be live as fast as 10 business days after. Once we have received all the documents and content required, we will proceed with building and launching. We will ask you for the specific documents you need to upload to ensure your site is compliant with HB1237.

If we leave Build My Condo Website can we take the website with us?

The domain name is portable and you can certainly take all your content with you; however, the website itself can not be transferred.

What if I do not have electronic copies of my association documents?

Not a problem. If you do not have electronic copies of your association documents, you can send us hard copies of them to Build My Condo Website at 7860 W. Commercial Blvd. #11 Lauderhill, FL 33351 and we will convert them to digital format for a $0.50 per page.


What if we do not have domain name? Can you help us get one?

Yes, in case you do not have a domain name, we will purchase the one of your choice if is available. Any domain purchase/renewal costs will be directly billed to your account.

If we already have a domain, can we use it?

Of course. Just re-point the domain to our servers and we´ll take care of the rest. If you choose to transfer the domain to our registry and control, we´ll take care of future renewals and administration for you, with a written assurance that we´ll transfer the domain back to you, if you wish, should you ever choose to cancel our service.

If we leave Build My Condo Website, can we keep the domain?

Should you cancel your service with us, you are welcome to keep your domain. Your new domain registrar my charge your transfer fee (approximately $20). Your domain will not be released if your account has a balance or is not otherwise in good standing.

Who will be hosting our website?

Your site will be hosted in our private client’s server.

Can we keep your own hosting?

We only provide services for websites we host. When you sign up for a membership we will provide you with new hosting for your new website.

Will I ever have to take care of hosting-related tasks?

Yes, all our client’s websites are backed up at least once a year.


Will our website custom-designed?

Every home page is custom designed using de photos, logo and materials you send us. The interior pages and modules use a “skin” which will also be customized using the materials you send.

What if we don´t have any photos of our community?

You can hire a professional photographer to take some, of course; but you´ll probably find there are a number of residents within your community that are skillful at digital photography. Consider enlisting a volunteer or running a contest (with a prize!), to get some good shots.

If you’d rather not include actual photos of your property, we can acquire stocks photographs for you to give your site an attractive look without delaying launch. Ask us for more details.


Do we get email accounts with the community domain?

All our sites come with one email account. More email can be added if requested at a cost of $10 per email, per month.

Can I have email distribution list?

Premier memberships give you the option of sending email to groups or to the registered users of your entire community.


Do you ever charge for support?

All our membership plans include support hours. You can also check all the video tutorials and support materials. If you still have questions and need more time, billable hours go at a rate of $25 per hour.

How do you bill?

You automatic-payment will be set-up through ACH (bank account direct billing). When you sign up for your membership we will ask for your account details.


Who is permitted to upload or charge our website´s content?

Only the side admin, or editors designated by your association, and Build My Condo Website can change or upload content to the site.

Are there any limits to the amount of content I can upload to the website?

There is no document or content limit of files. Storage update is up to 1TB which is virtually unlimited.


Can you do a bulk price if I manage more than one property?

Yes, we have a special property manager price structure. Contact us to get more details.

I have more questions; how can I reach you?

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. So getting in touch with us is easy. Give us a call, send us an email, or schedule a meeting at our studio.